a tribute


to Mike and truth



3 causes

…and release them to the skies.

It was Mike’s often-expressed wish to be cremated and not buried. He wanted his ashes sprinkled in the sky. Yet, his body was cremated, and then buried on top of his mother’s grave. Please sign the petition to release Mike’s ashes. It is his daughters’ wishes that their father’s wish be honored.

2. We seek to share truth

…about Mike’s father/daughter relationship and more.

Mike’s relationship with his daughters was falsely portrayed regularly for over a year, starting within minutes after his death. People and the police were told they never came around and “he didn’t have a relationship with his daughters” and so they didn’t need a phone call. These comments that were spread about the father/daughter relationship are blatantly false. And were devastating. We’ve sought to understand why anyone would say such things about two young girls, especially right after their father’s death.

Mike’s love for his daughters and theirs for him were bigger than life. Without a shadow of a doubt, he would want the memory of his father/daughter relationship corrected. And the truth shared. For his daughters. For his legacy. For what is right. The rightful correct memory of Mike’s father/daughter relationship is a big part of his legacy.

Over time, we will share photos and videos of Mike and his daughters on this website. We hope you will check back often to see our updates.

3. We seek to give back to the community

…and advocate for living free of alcohol & drugs in memory of Mike

It is the wish of Mike’s daughters that Mike’s death-by-drowning mean something and give back to the community in some way. We want to share how drinking alcohol eventually made him vulnerable to making poor decisions, and it effected his life in the cruelest of ways. We believe with all our hearts that Mike, in angel form, is cheering us along to share his experience to help and inspire others to live alcohol and drug free.

One of Mike’s greatest contributions in life was giving to others in need and cheering them on. His cheering for others in need continues, even in spirit.