his untimelydeath

We have questions.

By day #4 after Mike Anderson’s death, Mike’s and my daughters and I realized something was terribly wrong. We all remember that exact moment when it became clear. For me, when that realization dawned on me, I remember my hands began trembling, my heart was pounding, and my knees began buckling..

I was so broken up over what had happened and what was unfolding, as were Mike’s young adult daughters and sister, we struggled to cope. It led to me doing serious, intense daily research for three years…looking for truth and the answers we desperately needed. But we could not find a single thing to rule out what we feared – just the opposite. I wrote dozens of reports filled with evidence. My final report exceeded 100 pages.

Since we had gotten so much spin, gas-lighting, outright lies, abusive deception, forged documents and receipts, doctored photos and failure by the police to properly investigate, we will list our dozens and dozens of questions here. Because we still want answers. Mike’s daughters deserve TRUTHFUL answers. 

We will begin posting our questions here soon.